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HB-Laser - Quality Lasers Made in Germany

We know that our professional and our high end laser light systems have the best price level for comparable systems, and we guarantee that (lowest price guarantee). Due to high manufacturing volumes, volume purchase prices and high-precision automation these products can be offered at such incredibly low prices.

This is what  is important about laser show systems of our subsidiary HB-Laser:

  • Incredibly good beam specifications for great visibility - did you know that good beam specifications can be more important than power, because they have such strong influence on visibility?
  • Very small scanner mirrors - to avoid having to high inertia, which allows for faster scan speed (less flickering) and great angle stability of the scanners (better drawing of the edges)
  • Dust proof housings, nearly maintenance free systems - especially important for professional use of show laser light, as in many occasions maintenance work is difficult to apply.
  • High Precision laser modules and laser diode arrays - great precision means enhanced visibility meand better visible perception of the laser at same power. Or: you need less power for the same visibility.
  • Advanced Electronics Components - lead to smoothly dimming colors and great linead fade behavior. Wavelength drifts or other color distortion is minimized. Laser safety features as well as driver electronics are German built with German engineering at very high level.
  • Selected materials and components - selected aluminum components, mounting blocks with selected thermal behavior and high precision, shock resistant fine-mirror mounts to only mention some of them
  • Manufacturing by experienced engineers only - every one with experience in laser technology and special skills like electronics development, optics and/or fine mechanics
  • Sole manufacturing in Germany - we believe that such precision and the extraordinary good price point can only be achieved this way.


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