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Laser Export

Laserworld Asia exports high quality show laser light systems to every country in the world. We can join your laser light purchases to your other purchases in China, so everything can ship together. No matter which port you're shipping from - we can get you our products there and have them added to the freight container.

If it's just about sending smaller quantities, it's no problem to do individual air freight shipments from any major airport in China mainland or Hong Kong to any destination in the world.

Main ports and shipping types:

  • EXW Shenzhen (DHL Express, Air Freight, Sea Freight)
  • EXW Hong Kong (DHL Express, Air Freight, Sea Freight)
  • CPT any destination

Our logistics experts help you in finding the best logistics solution for your purchase.

For large quantity purchases we offer sea freight solutions on request.


Where does Laserworld Asia export their show laser light to?

Main destinations for our laser exports are South America countries, like Brazil or Argentina, Russia, India and Australia. Also customers from the Arab region, mainly from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) with Dubai and Saudi Arabia as main countries, can easily purchase from Laserworld Asia. The proximity of the Asian countries make it easy to ship to countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand or Korea.


We accept many currencies

US-Dollars ($), Euro (€), Yuan/Renmimbi (¥), Hong Kong Dollars (HK$)


The warranty and service conditions

Please see our General Terms and Conditions for details.


Minimum order quantities

We don't have any minimum order quantities! Just request a quote - be sure to receive great conditions even for lower quantities!




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